Textile Designer / Surface Designer / Print Designer


Lissa Thimm has a MA in Textile Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Design. She choose to focus mainly on illustration and surface design but also has a passion for weaving and knitting.

Lissa has worked as a freelancer for a wide varity of brands within the Fashion and Interior design industry. Clients include House Doctor, Stilleben, Bruuns Bazaar,Selected, Pieces and many more.

Furthermore Lissas work as an inhouse print designer has given her an extensive knowledge and insight, not only about the technical processes of a print design but also the whole creation of a collection.

Lissa excells in the handdrawn as well as the Adobe package. She illustrates, designs posters, patterns and placements.

If you have a project big or small - dont hesitate to contact Lissa, she loves to push boundaries and explore new territory as well as paint and draw.